What Do I Do With All These Zucchini?!

It’s produce like this that are the reason this website exists. No matter how few plants you plant, there are always an overabundance of this fruit deemed vegetable. Fortunately, there are just as many ways to use the versatile summer squash.

Let’s start with some basic ideas to quickly preserve a large bounty.

There are a million possibilities for your dinner tonight, but here are several to choose from.

Summer squash really takes on the flavor of the dish you are making, you can hide it in most things, especially if you have picky kids. I figured it deserved a section of its own on how to veg up other dishes.

The best way to hide it is in baked goods, and bonus – it makes for a super moist result!

If you’ve grown even one plant, there are ways to use the entire thing.

  • Salad using the leaves, blossoms and the fruit
  • Penne made from the stems/vine
  • Fried blossoms
  • Add the leaves towards the end of cooking to your soup or stir fry

Don’t throw your scraps away! Here are some ways to use everything, no matter what your recipe calls for.

Once you’ve used all you can, make sure to add scraps to your compost bin to keep your garden producing the bounties that we love to consume in so many different ways!

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